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Majority of students here work part-time

By Nicky Burridge

Northern Ireland students are the most hardworking, with 72% holding down part-time jobs.

According to a survey, nearly half of all UK students are having to work to fund their university studies.

Around 43% of students have a part-time job, but 23% think their studies are suffering as a result, according to high street bank Santander.

Students work for an average of 11 hours a week during term time, with one in 10 working for 15 hours or more.

People taking courses in business and administration are most likely to have a job at 61%, with 23% working for more than 15 hours a week.

They are followed by those studying law, 47% of whom work during term time, and students on arts and design courses at 45%.

But at the other end of the scale, just 29% of students studying medicine and dentistry have a part-time job to fund their studies.

The most popular student job is bar work, undertaken by 11% of people, followed by waitressing at 10%.

Luis Juste, UK director at Santander Universities, said: "With tuition fees now averaging more than £3,000 per year and students graduating with average debts of around £23,500, it's little surprise that nearly half of all university students are working part-time during term time.

"While it's positive to see students being so industrious and gaining valuable experience in the workplace, it's concerning that a quarter of students who work part-time to help fund their education believe their studies are suffering as a result."

Students at university in Northern Ireland are most likely to have a part-time job at 72%, followed by those in Scotland and London at 52% and 51% respectively.

Only 27% of people studying in the East Midlands are working to pay for their time at university, rising only slightly to 29% in Wales.