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Male fertility test gets backing from Ulster Bank

By Clare Weir

A new male fertility test is being marketed commercially across the globe with financial support from Ulster Bank.

The device is aimed at saving time, money and heartache for couples worldwide by measuring damaged DNA in individual sperm and therefore can predict the success of different types of fertility treatment, enabling doctors to advise couples on the treatment most likely to succeed for them.

Lewis Fertility Testing is marketing SpermComet across the UK, Ireland and internationally following years of research by the company's managing director, Professor Sheena Lewis.

She has led the reproductive medicine research group at Queen's University since 1995 and has taken a sabbatical to develop the new company.

New clients of the company, which was established in partnership with QUB's investment arm QUBIS, include major fertility clinics in the UK and the Republic. The product is available through clinics in Glasgow, Dublin and Galway; and will soon become available in London.

Professor Lewis said that one in six couples has difficulty having a family, and in 40% of cases, the problems are related to the man.