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Managers expect Brexit to bring more competition for skilled staff - CIPD study

Three out of four managers expect competition for skilled workers to increase because of the decision to leave the EU, a study shows.

A survey of human resources staff found that three out of four have had problems recruiting suitably qualified employees over the past year and a similar number say it will get worse.

The poll of 1,000 employees by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), also revealed that over half say their organisations do not calculate the cost of staff leaving even though labour turnover is at its highest for a decade.

Claire McCartney, of the CIPD, said: "Today's research highlights a mounting war for talent and the subsequent need for organisations to sharpen their focus on strategic recruitment and effective retention, to attract and maintain the skills they need in an increasingly competitive labour market.

"Brexit, and its impact on the labour market, should act as a stimulus for organisations to focus their attention on building a stronger, more productive, workforce by staying alert to potential changes in their skill needs and being agile in their response.

"However, they can't effectively do this unless they are measuring, evaluating and then strengthening their recruitment and talent strategies, based on a real understanding of their existing talent profile.

"Even the simplest forms of measurement can be effective, such as tracking the turnover rate of new hires, seeking feedback from candidates on their experience and monitoring the performance of new recruits."