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Manufacturing job vacancies up 20% but banking roles slump 14%

More jobs are being created by manufacturing and retail firms but there has been a slump in other sectors including banking, a study reveals.

Job site said its research suggested a recovery in manufacturing, with more than 20% more jobs last month compared with a year ago.

The report revealed a 31% fall in apprenticeships and 14% cut in banking posts.

James Reed, chairman of, said: "It's encouraging to see that more jobs are being created in manufacturing, as it has such a positive effect on the wider economy.

"As we produce more goods, the benefits ripple out into supply chains and the gains are felt amongst the wider workforce.

"But whilst this growth is encouraging, it is also fragile and will only be sustained by ensuring British businesses get the best possible access to the single market, so we can continue to sell competitively to a market of 500 million consumers."