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Many employees think promotion process is 'unfair'

One in five workers feel discriminated against when seeking promotion, usually because of their age or gender, research reveals.

A survey of 2,000 employees found that almost a third believed the promotion process at their company was unfair.

Workers aged between 25 and 34 were most likely to feel hard done by over promotions, and one in four had quit their job after being passed over for another position.

Consulting firm Lee Hecht Harrison said its study also showed that two out of five believed more needed to be done to tackle a lack of diversity in their organisation.

A separate poll of 100 human resources managers showed that almost all believed the promotion process at their company was handled fairly.

Nicola Sullivan, of Lee Hecht Harrison, said: "With our research showing nearly all HR professionals believe their promotion processes are inclusive, there is a clear disconnect between the positive action HR professionals believe they are taking and how this is perceived by employees."