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March: Industry leaders take sides on EU referendum and city prepares to welcome Marriott Hotel

Biggest business stories of 2016

A Brexit special of Business Telegraph on March 1 presents the arguments for and against leaving the EU, with former Allstate boss Bro McFerran warning of a risk of firms leaving Northern Ireland for the Republic in the event of Brexit.

Moy Park boss Janet McCollum and WH Barnett head William Barnett are all strongly in favour of remaining in the EU. Later in the month, top industrialist Sir John Parker - a director of Airbus and former boss of Harland and Wolff - says he's in favour of remaining.

But that month, small business owners including Jonny Lavery of Ace Distribution say they are in favour of leaving.

BUSINESS Telegraph reveals that one of the world's leading hotel brands is opening in Northern Ireland. Marriott emerges as the new operator of Belfast Harbour Commission's new City Quays hotel project. It is one of around 20 hotels which are either being built or extended in the city. Work also begins on a new hotel at the Titanic Drawing Offices.

FIRST and Deputy First Ministers Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness pay a visit to the US to meet potential inward investors

PROMINENT businessman Gareth Graham withdraws his allegations that US vulture fund Cerberus - which bought the £1bn Nama portfolio in 2014's controversial deal - was involved in illegal behaviour. As part of a mediated settlement to regain control of his own businesses, Mr Graham takes out prominent advertisements in the Belfast Telegraph and other newspapers to make his apology.

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