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Margaret Thatcher 'a pro-business leader'

By David Elliott

The business community has hailed Baroness Thatcher as a pro-business leader, a strong advocate for entrepreneurialism and a role model for women in business.

The former Prime Minister, who passed away yesterday, was responsible for privatising many of the UK's largest industries and has been credited with turning the country into a financial powerhouse, although at the expense of unions and wage equality.

She also embraced monetarism and moulded the model under which the Bank of England still works, targeting inflation by using interest rate manipulation.

Business leaders have lauded her approach and mourned her passing.

"Baroness Thatcher's leadership took the UK out of the economic relegation zone and into the first division," John Cridland, CBI Director-General, said. "What Baroness Thatcher did to reshape the British economy gave us a generation of growth."

Ann McGregor MBE, chief executive of the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce, said Baroness Thatcher was an inspiration for woman leaders.

"Despite your political beliefs, as Britain's first female Prime Minister, Baroness Thatcher was a role model for women in business and politics."

Simon Walker, director general of the Institute of Directors, agreed.

"She was a great example of a strong leader, and broke new ground for female leaders in particular. Britain was privileged to have a Prime Minister who understood the importance of entrepreneurs, aspiration and business. She will be sorely missed."

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