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Marketing platform set to boost online referrals

By Clare Weir

A Northern Ireland entrepreneur has developed a new cloud-computing based marketing platform which helps customers, staff and firms to recommend other businesses and services.

James Long, founder of Refer2, said the new product will allow businesses of all sizes to build local, customisable rewards programmes and will make it easy for a business to receive referrals from customers, employees and other businesses.

Refer2 will harness social media to promote referral programmes to already loyal customers, with firms able to design customised reward offers to share with customers via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Mr Long said that all the necessary tools are included for businesses of any size to begin developing viral referrals right away.

"Refer2 is a revolutionary concept, in that we're taking everything we've learned about marketing, social media and technology and wrapping it up in one easy-to-use service," he said.

"Businesses are becoming increasingly frustrated with daily deal sites, which offer a quick spike in customers, with questionable retention rates and long-term business impact. In reality, 65% of all new and lasting business comes from real person-to-person referrals.

"When you combine that knowledge with social media marketing and an extremely efficient and easy-to-use cloud back-end, you've got a product that will show immediate return of investment."