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McKillen secures leave to appeal court ruling

Belfast-born developer Paddy McKillen has been given permission to appeal to the Supreme Court in the Republic on an issue he has raised against the National Asset Management Agency (Nama).

The Commercial Court ruled that Mr McKillen's claim that he had been deprived of a right to fair procedures when he was not given the chance to make representations before his loans were swallowed up by Nama was of exceptional public importance and could go before the Supreme Court.

The High Court had to certify that other issues he wanted to raise in his appeal were of exceptional public importance and it was in the public interest that the appeal be taken.

But it refused to back a point by Mr McKillen that a European Commission decision meant only impaired borrowers could be taken in to Nama.

Last month Mr McKillen failed in his legal attempt to prevent the transfer to Nama of loans valued at £2.1bn.

Four Belfast law practices, Carson McDowell, Tughans, CH Jefferson and John McKee and Son, have been appointed to a panel advising Nama.