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Media company launches video service for digital age

By Clare Weir

A Northern Ireland media company has launched a new online video service for the digital market.

Morrow Communications said that the new venture is designed to reach a wide audience, through use on |both company and social media websites.

It offers clients the opportunity to feature video footage and multi-platform news releases as part of marketing and communications campaigns. Produced, filmed and edited by Morrow’s award-winning production team, the digital video shorts are the latest service addition from the Holywood-based firm, which has produced corporate, educational, marketing and heritage programmes for over 20 years.

The new service has already been snapped up by a number of Morrows’ clients including supermarket giant Asda, Dept of Employment and Learning and Vista Allotments.

Company director, Moya Neeson said that the marketing tool costs the same as a print advertisement in a glossy magazine.

“Online video is the fastest growing media platform at the moment,” she said.

“We’re excited by the potential of this new service — allowing local business to utilise professional digital video at an affordable price.”

Morrow was established in 1985 and has offices in Belfast and Dublin.

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