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Medical manufacturer tests market with new diagnosis kit

A CO Antrim manufacturer of medical kits will today unveil a new test which it says can cut diagnosis times for sexually transmitted diseases from two days to four hours.

Randox Laboratories in Crumlin will launch the kit at the Healthcare Innovation Expo in London.

The test's ability to detect 10 disease-producing agents from a single sample is derived from a biochip developed by the company.

Founder and managing director Dr Peter Fitzgerald said: "Currently the waiting time for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosis is two days.

"Our new technology cuts this to four hours.

"Not only is this beneficial from a patient's point of view but the fact that we can test for 10 pathogens at a time, rather than the usual one or two, means potentially significant savings in laboratory costs."

Around 250 health and social care commissioners and providers are set to attend the expo today and tomorrow.

Randox, which was set up in 1982, said it will also use the event to showcase new cardiac equipment which promises to diagnose heart attacks within three to six hours of chest pain instead of the usual 10 to 12 hours.

Dr Fitzgerald said: "Cardiovascular disease is responsible for over 18.5m deaths each year and costs the global economy over €500bn.

"Recent research, however, has estimated that at least 70% of all patients attending hospital with chest pains do not actually have a cardiac related condition."