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Mind the gap: Toblerone bars get smaller as costs rise

By Colm Kelpie

Toblerone is shrinking. The maker of the chunky chocolate treat said it was reducing the scale of some bars in the UK and the Republic, but retaining the recommended retail price.

US food manufacturer Mondelez, which makes the triangular-shaped bar, stresses its problems aren't related to Brexit, but to the rising cost of ingredients.

"We carry the costs for as long as possible, but to ensure Toblerone remains on shelf, is affordable and retains the iconic shape we all know and love, we had to reduce the weight of this particular bar," the company said.

In the Republic and the UK the 400g bar is being reduced in size to 360g by spacing the triangular chocolate peaks out more widely. In the UK the smaller 170g bar is being cut to 150g. Despite the denials, chocolate lovers have blamed the Brexit induced plunge in the pound for the reduced size, with John Prescott, former deputy Prime Minister, tweeting that the referendum was behind the move.

It's not clear whether any other markets are affected.

Consumers took to social media to vent their fury.

"This must be up there with the dumbest corporate decisions of all-time," one Toblerone customer posted. "You have a somewhat premium chocolate bar which is very well-known for its distinctive shape, and to save money you change the shape?

"Now you have a premium-priced product that looks like a weird knock-off of itself."

Academics at the University of East Anglia said the Toblerone move is the latest example of 'shrinkflation'.

"The new gappy-teeth Toblerone is yet another example of shrinkflation, where shrinking pack contents allows for a backdoor price rise," said Ratula Chakraborty, a senior lecturer in retailing.

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