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Mineral water company Rocwell pours its resources into aiding householders

Rocwell Natural Mineral Water, based in Pomeroy, Co Tyrone, is supplying Northern Ireland Water with two-litre bottles of still water to hand out to families who have been left without water for over a week, due to frozen and burst pipes.

The water is being distributed from NI Water's depots in Londonderry and Portadown.

Rocwell, which is still family owned, is well respected on the worldwide distribution stage and employs 45 people. The company currently supplies both central and local government offices in Northern Ireland along with a range of other public and private organisations.

It is also widely used by the hospitality industry and has the dominant share of the water cooler market (between 70-80%) here.

Brian Quinn from the company said that he and his staff have been working around the clock over the festive period to make sure that people are not left without a vital resource.

"It is a cliche, but it really is a case of 'water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink," he said.

"We had the same thing last year with people being left without water, so we were expecting it.

It is nice that we are a Northern Ireland company and we are family run, as so many of these things are outsourced to other places, and we are happy to help people who are left stuck without such a basic resource."

Rocwell Natural Mineral Water was founded in 1989 by the Quinn family from Pomeroy.

Rocwell sponsors the Tyrone County GAA team.