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Minerals group hopes to strike it rich on new soil

There's gold in them thar hills. At least that's what an Irish firm is hoping after it was granted licences to explore above ground for precious minerals.

The Republic's Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources has given permission to Conroy Gold and Natural Resources Ltd to search for minerals including gold, base metals and silver in counties Clare, Kilkenny and Tipperary.

The firm was granted seven prospecting licences in these areas covering 300sq km.

The geology of the region is similar to the Armagh and Monaghan gold belt where the firm has had success.

"I am delighted that the company has been granted these licences,'' said the chairman of Conroy Gold, Richard Conroy.

Mr Conroy said there were no jobs being created at the moment as it was in the early stages of the exploration.

The renewable licences are for a period of six years and for specified minerals. They are reviewed by the state every two years.