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Mivan in administration: 'It's a very sad day for Antrim'

By michelle smyth

Getting out of work early on a Friday usually warrants a few cheers, but yesterday Mivan staff members were far from happy as they spilled out of the front doors at lunchtime.

They had just been given the news that the Antrim-based construction firm is going into administration and consequently their jobs are on the line.

They now face an anxious weekend-long wait until Monday morning when they will learn their fate.

As they drove out of the security gates, the worried workers were reluctant to speak about what had happened.

However, one Portuguese-born employee had this to say: "I don't know if I still have a job.

"I have been asked to come back on Monday at 8am but I haven't been told anything else. I am very worried," he added.

One local woman said she was "sad" to hear the news because her son started off his career as an apprentice at the firm.

"He works overseas now and has done well for himself. He will be devastated with this news," she added.

As the car park emptied and darkness blanketed the building, the fluorescent lights inside exposed bare office shelves that had been cleared of files and lonely, empty offices.

By 5pm there were only two cars left in the car park and a yellow coat-clad security guard in a hut keeping an eye on the place.

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Construction firm in administration 

One local man who was walking his dog along the road the firm is situated on said: "It is a very sad day for Antrim.

"There aren't that many big employers in the area anyway, so this is a real blow.

"It was said that the industry is slowly starting to recover but with places like this going under it is very disheartening.

"I feel for all the tradesmen and other staff who may lose their jobs."

The Rev William McCrea, MP for the area, said the news was "devastating" for the employees who "have given themselves wholly" to Mivan.

However, he added that he was hopeful "this isn't the end" for the company.

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