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Montupet's revved up by £60m contract for car parts

By John Mulgrew

Belfast-based manufacturer Montupet has landed a major £60m contract to produce cylinder heads for car engines.

And the company in investing a further £8.2m in its Dunmurry factory to meet its additional production needs.

The firm - which is owned by a French-based parent company - has said the cylinder head will go into full production in 2018.

That additional production could also lead to further jobs being created. But the company would not reveal the name of the firm behind the latest deal.

Managing director of Montupet UK, Jim Burke, said: "I am delighted to announce that Montupet (UK) Ltd has secured this production order with this major customer.

"It is very good news for the future of the plant and our workforce.

"The cylinder head, which goes into production in 2018, will secure jobs, and mean a significant investment in new plant and machinery."

The factory specialises in the manufacture of aluminium vehicle engine components for car firms across the globe.

Alan Malcomson of Montupet said the latest major deal "emphasises the ability of the Dunmurry plant to compete in the global automotive marketplace".

"Montupet's commitment to investing in training and expanding skills of its employees, embracing new technology and improving processes, enhances our competitiveness and helps safeguard the Dunmurry plant's position in the international marketplace," he said.

The company has estimated it will land £60m worth of business over the next five years as a result of securing the deal.

That translates to around 200,000 cylinder heads being produced each year.

Montupet has been based in Dunmurry for 25 years and boasts a workforce of more than 600.

It produces cylinder heads for General Motors, Ford, as well as Peugeot and Citroen.

It currently delivers its products into engine plants based in the UK, France, Turkey, Romania, South Africa and China.

Invest NI's chief executive Alastair Hamilton said Montupet UK had "worked hard to position itself at the leading edge of casting industry efficiency and excellence".

"This contract will help to sustain jobs and secure the company's long-term future in international markets," he said.

Montupet currently operates two plants in France and one in Spain, Mexico, Bulgaria and Northern Ireland.

It is the second largest independent manufacturer of aluminium cylinder heads in the world.


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