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More jobs needed despite the signs of growth, claim Tories


Jobs, jobs and more jobs are needed to further strengthen the Northern Ireland economy, according to a local branch of the Conservative Party.

NI Conservatives spokesman Johnny Andrews was speaking after the latest Purchasing Managers' Index showed the first signs of growth in over six years. He warned that, while the figures were 'encouraging', more needs to be done to prevent Northern Ireland from lagging behind the rest of the UK and the Republic.

He said: "The Government's economic policy is beginning to pay dividends, as well as the specific help the Prime Minister and chancellor are providing for Northern Ireland.

"However, there is no room for complacency and the Executive should be doing far more to create jobs and prosperity.

"This Executive still has some way to go to prove it will put creating jobs at the very heart of its programme.

"To date there has been little progress getting this activity started.

"Neither has the Executive got to grips with the shortage of skills in science and technology subjects. We need strong support and a strategic plan for sectors like software and food and drink."

Mr Andrews added: "And perhaps most of all, we need urgent progress on creating a peaceful, shared society in Northern Ireland."

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