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More to read as Belfast Telegraph business section gets a new look

By Margaret Canning

Welcome to the all-new Business Telegraph - a bigger, brighter and better version of the product you trust for all your weekly business coverage.

And as well as exclusive business stories, these 24 pages are teeming with fascinating interviews and insights into some of our most interesting businesspeople.

Our Business Telegraph and daily business coverage is also complemented by the best online business coverage at

Today can also find out who is making the most money through our Top 100 Companies in association with Arthur Cox solicitors, which we hope you'll find a helpful and stimulating read.

This year's publication is the first in which we have ranked companies in order of pre-tax profits - revealing many interesting results.

It brings to the fore the many thriving, family-run companies in our economy - Nicholl Oils, Eakin Holdings, Norbrook, Hendersons and Chain Reaction Cycles - as well as the strong cohort of firms who are under international ownership.

But back to Business Telegraph, where we are setting the ball rolling in new coverage of business personalities with an exclusive interview with Frank O'Donnell, the head of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottlers across Ireland. He gives us a tour of its expansive £150m facility in Lisburn, which produces around 390m cans of Coke products every year. And it seems that a lot of the Diet Coke produced is consumed in Northern Ireland.

We are also relaunching the commentary section in Business Telegraph with a team of five economists taking turns in our weekly section Economy Watch.

PwC chief economist Esmond Birnie has the honour of starting off proceedings, and he'll be followed in subsequent weeks by Richard Ramsey of Ulster Bank, Neil Gibson of Ulster University and Angela McGowan of Danske Bank.

Danske Bank's head of wealth Jeremy Stewart also begins a weekly column on the investment markets - while John Simpson continues his weekly company reports and opinion pieces.

We also feature an SME of the week, and a new personal finance feature from Jill Smyth, the head of Ulster Bank's MoneySense programme.

Our High Fliers section looks at some big achievers in business, while in Cash for Questions and My Week, we'll uncover the spending and socialising habits of our top businesspeople.

This week Alyson Hogg of Vita Liberata reveals an enviable jet-set lifestyle, from beers in New York to business meetings in San Francisco. Clare Vallely from the Rug House in Newry also answers questions on personal finance.

And we'll also profile some of our most interesting figures in business over lunch - starting off this week with Johnny Parks from Toward Consulting. We hope you enjoy it.

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