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Morelli's lands deal to supply Tesco stores in Republic

By Staff Reporter

Northern Ireland ice cream brand Morelli's has won a deal to supply 29 Tesco stores in the Republic. Morelli's, which is owned by an Italian family on the north coast, said it had designed new packaging to attract supermarket customers.

It will be selling its double-cream vanilla and honeycomb flavours in 950ml tubs in Tesco stores. Morelli's also owns ice cream shops around Northern Ireland.

Arnaldo Morelli said: "We'll be working closely with our colleagues in Tesco to ensure our entry into this new market is a success.

"We're confident that once consumers in Ireland get a taste for two of our most popular award-winning flavours, it won't be long before they'll be looking for more choice and we'll be in a position to increase our range."

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