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Mortgage jobs axed as part of bank cull at Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank is to cut six jobs in its Belfast office from its mortgage arrears unit and around 104 from the same division at its Dublin base.

The cuts are part of a previously announced plan to reduce head count at the bank by 950, as revealed in 2012.

Around 30 of the posts are expected to be off-set by newly created roles as field agents, who will collect debt, while the remaining work will be transferred to Scotland. The main bankers' union has railed against the cuts.

"The staff who work in the Retail Problem Debt Management Unit are involved in mortgage arrears negotiation," said Larry Broderick, general secretary of the IBOA The Finance Union.

"We are concerned units based overseas may not be as attentive or understanding of the needs of customers.

"Outsourcing has not always delivered for Ulster Bank's customers. They will not easily forget the meltdown on the Bank's outsourced IT systems in 2012.

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