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Mr Motivator Robin Sharma to attend Dublin summit

By Gavin McLoughlin

A mindset is more important than a title when it comes to providing leadership, attendees at the Pendulum Summit in Dublin will be told next week.

Canadian motivational speaker Robin Sharma will address the topic of leadership and said he would be speaking about "how you can lead without a title, the importance of leadership in whatever you do at work, regardless of your position".

The summit, with the theme Unleash Your Warrior Mindset, takes place next Wednesday and Thursday at Dublin's Convention Centre.

Mr Sharma, who will speak on Wednesday, said he would also discuss "how you can be a leader in your home life and in your personal life, so you not only live your potential but also you have a positive impact on the world".

"The old model of leadership suggested that you have to have a title in order to be a leader. You need to be a president or a CEO or a Prime Minister or a billionaire," Mr Sharma said.

"What I'm suggesting is that no matter what you do, whether you're a street sweeper or a CEO or a taxi driver, leadership is less about a title and it's more about a mindset.

"And if every one of us would shift from being a victim to showing leadership, we'd not only do great work but we'd live more of our gifts and our talents and we'd also improve the world in our own unique way."

The ex-lawyer said he had "never seen such an appetite for leadership training".

He added: "I think it's two things. I think there's so much disruption in the world right now that I think people are looking for guidance. And I think secondly, social media has really allowed for people to be interested in personal development and leadership. We've been very successful on Facebook."

Mr Sharma encourages his audience to wake up at 5am as part of a philosophy he calls 'the 5am club'. He says people should spend the first 20 minutes of their day exercising intensely, the second 20 minutes reflecting through activities like writing in a journal, and the third learning via activities like reading.

"I believe if you can own your morning you're really going to be able to master your day - because your days are your life in miniature. So if you can really get your days right then you're going to create a better future. And the best way to really master your day is to begin on a positive, high-energy, focused note."

Specific advice he provides to business people includes developing "a monomaniacal focus around the details".

"The best businesses understand that an obsessive attention around the details is how you differentiate yourself in a world where a lot of businesses are members of the cult of mediocrity," Mr Sharma said.

He said the best way to grow a business is to improve the quality of the people who work in it.

"I would suggest it's better to focus on a few things and do them staggeringly well over the new year, then trying to focus on 100 projects and achieve them at mediocrity. Get really clear on the few projects, so that if you bring them to the marketplace, you'll be able to own the game."

Tickets on sale at www.pendulum

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