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Muppets company to market TV series

By Clare Weir

The company behind The Muppets will market the new series from a Belfast television company around the world.

The Jim Henson Company's third party licensing label HIP (Henson Independent Properties) has been announced as the exclusive worldwide distributor for Sixteen South's new animated pre-school series, Driftwood Bay.

Season one is currently in production and is due to air next spring. The series follows the adventures of five-year-old Lily who lives in a beach hut with her dad on an island.

Script edited by Sam Barlow of Thomas -amp; Friends and Bob the Builder, the series is inspired by the artwork of Joanne Carmichael, a mixed media artist whose work includes items salvaged from the beach near her home on Scotland's Isle of Arran.

The storylines encourage children to create their own fun and adventures with the everyday and unusual items in their lives.

Sixteen South Television's founder and creative director Colin Williams said that the company has already enjoyed a successful partnership with The Jim Henson Company on the production of hit series Pajanimals.

"Driftwood Bay is a very special property for us, and we really wanted a distributor who would appreciate the subtleties of the series and be able to deliver global exposure as well," he said.

"HIP was the ideal choice to bring the project to the global market."

Richard Goldsmith, from The Jim Henson Company, added: "Driftwood Bay is a unique children's series with a distinct look from a world-class production company that is that is a perfect complement to the extraordinary and diverse properties already represented by HIP.

"Henson and Sixteen South have developed a successful partnership on the production of Pajanimals.

"Driftwood Bay was a huge hit with television network buyers at MIPCOM in October so we aggressively pursued a partnership."