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My Inspiration: Aaron Dixon


Aaron Dixon, Jamie Oliver and chef Julia Winters

Aaron Dixon, Jamie Oliver and chef Julia Winters

Aaron Dixon, Jamie Oliver and chef Julia Winters

Executive chef of the Moy Park Group on the people who continue to inspire him after 25 years’ slaving over a hot stove

I have been a chef for almost 25 years and during my career I have worked with many inspirational people who have influenced and indeed shaped the chef and person I am today.

It is an essential part of my role as Moy Park’s Group executive chef to inspire my colleagues and our customers with innovative ideas for new product development.

My family, without doubt are my biggest inspiration. My wife Claire and two children Mia and Oran keep me grounded and even though Claire has had some serious and ongoing health problems over the last few years she has a ‘dust yourself down and move on’ attitude that has been a huge motivation to me in my work and home life.

I joined the team at Moy Park eight years ago and my role within the company has given me the opportunity to work with the best and most inspirational people in the food industry.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie Oliver and his team to develop a range of higher welfare chicken products that launched under the Jamie Oliver brand this summer.

It is a huge thrill to work with Jamie and his team, especially since these products marked the Jamie Oliver brand’s debut in chicken.

At a recent awards ceremony I was also very fortunate to sit beside one of my food heroes, Pierre Koffman, who is responsible for putting top chefs such as Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay on the map.

To sit beside him for an evening, to listen to his stories and to see his passion for what he does still shinning through was without doubt one of the most exciting nights of my career.

Moy Park employs around 10,500 staff, which means I work with a diverse range of people who motivate me practically every day. From members of my culinary food team, who are a constant source of new and exciting ideas, through to my colleagues on the factory floor who bring our culinary vision to life.

Not only is Moy Park Northern Ireland’s largest food company, it is a truly inspirational business, that actively promotes employees’ career development. I am extremely proud to work for the company and have the opportunity to continually develop personally and professionally in the business.

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