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My Inspiration: Aidan Walker

Head of BT Infinity marketing strives to help his company uphold its commitment to providing top service to customers

I joined BT as an engineer from school and following just a few years in engineering I completed a business degree at the University of Ulster and took up my first commercial role in marketing.

It's been very enjoyable to work for BT. I've been able to experience a wide range of business and marketing roles, from product management to head of consumer marketing. I've always believed that BT provides a vital service - we help people and businesses communicate and thrive. The continuous innovation and commitment to providing excellent service makes working for BT an easy choice, not to mention the role my company plays in the economy and society locally.

Currently I am leading BT's fibre broadband marketing campaign plus customer service initiatives. I am committed to building our brand reputation, helping customers thrive and maintaining our position as the number one broadband provider in Northern Ireland.

Working in a marketing role is exciting and dynamic but it's the results that really matter. It is crucial for me to know the customers, our products, our competitors and their products and most importantly keep BT's messaging straightforward and honour our promises.

To continue to grow in my role I have to have a deep understanding of the industry in which you operate and also keep abreast of new trends and innovation. I work with a great set of colleagues.

There have been various people at BT who have motivated me - however I have been hugely inspired by the late Steve Jobs who had incredible vision, product design, marketing skills and understanding of his customers. Locally I think that Michael Deane has shown great innovation and really raised the bar in terms of service and quality.