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My Inspiration: Andrew McMurray

The director of Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative on parental influence and his passion for the environment

My parents have been an amazing inspiration to me. They instilled in me a belief that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

As a family we spent a lot of time exploring Northern Ireland’s forest parks and this sparked my passion for the environment from a very young age. I began my career in renewables in 2004 working for a large wind farm and after spending 2008 on a round the world trip, I set up NRG Solutions in 2009 — a consultancy service in the renewable energy and electrical engineering sector.

I am a passionate environmentalist and have volunteered with Friends of the Earth for over 13 years and more recently I volunteered with the Renewable Energy Association of Swaziland in Africa helping them devise a strategic plan.

In June 2012, NRG Solutions, in partnership with Energy4All, launched the Drumlin Wind Energy Co-op. This is the first community-owned wind farm in Northern Ireland, where individuals can invest and own wind turbines and receive an attractive rate of return on their investment. We have raised over £400,000 so far, but mostly from England, so we want to see greater numbers of Northern Ireland individuals becoming involved.

These community-owned turbines mean that the profit they generate stays with local investors.

Rather than spending thousands on solar panels for their home, an individual could receive a better return by buying a stake in a community co-op turbine and still generate clean green electricity.

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