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My Inspiration: Brian Pelan

The editor and founder of VIEW on his publication hopes in a vibrant sector

My partner Una Murphy and I set up VIEW this year - a new online news publication for the community/voluntary sector in Northern Ireland.

Both Una and I have worked as journalists for a number of years in the print and broadcast sectors.

The inspiration behind the idea came from a colleague, Joseph Mitchell, who produces the online publication, Union Post, which services the trade union movement in Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Bringing out VIEW on a monthly basis is a totally hands-on process. A small but experienced news team produces and designs a range of stories about the community/voluntary sector and distributes it online to a growing audience who enjoy the concept of a publication produced by journalists, delivering an independent look at a vibrant sector.

For most of my career, I played a role along with many others in producing news publications on a daily basis. Working for VIEW is more challenging as every month you start from scratch and aim to bring out a must-read publication.

I have been fortunate to have worked alongside a number of talented journalists throughout my career and I am grateful for having learned so much from them.

The response to VIEW has been overwhelmingly positive from individuals and groups across the sector.

Whilst sadly, print editions have been slowly declining in sales, the internet is awash with individuals and organisations trying to get their message across to a hungry audience.

For VIEW to be a success, every edition has to come out on time and have a range of stories and photographs that reflect news about the sector.

In the long-term, I hope VIEW will be in a position to offer employment to journalists.

If you would like a free subscription of VIEW, send contact details to