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My Inspiration: Colette Wilson


Colette Wilson, marketing manager of Irwin's Bakery

Colette Wilson, marketing manager of Irwin's Bakery

Colette Wilson, marketing manager of Irwin's Bakery

As marketing manager of Irwin's Bakery, Colette believes her personal values that focus on family, fairness and mutual respect have shaped her development in the workplace

My inspiration comes from family - both in my home and work life.

My personal values are firmly focused on family, fairness and mutual respect. You certainly learn a lot when you start a family - in my experience, young children are always enthusiastic, up for a challenge, happy (most of the time) and excited about the little things in life. Drawing from this as a parent, you realise perhaps this is the maxim to live by.

We can all be guilty of taking life too seriously and getting caught up with everyday issues. It is really refreshing spending time with my two kids and seeing things from a different perspective. Children live for today and the innocence and acceptance they display is amazing -from precious moments seeing their faces light up on Christmas Day to the puzzled expressions when they try to work out what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth. Juggling work, managing a home, family and kids can be difficult, but it is worth it when you hear 'I love you mummy' or get a big hug with sticky jam fingers.

I am lucky in that the values I view as important, mirror the values of my employer, Irwin's Bakery. The company has a strong family ethos and a sense of community and integrity, which I find very inspirational on a day to day basis.

I'm lucky to count my colleagues as good friends and that sense of belonging is very motivating.

As Irwin's centenary approaches in 2012, it is an extra special time to be involved in the bakery. It's very heart-warming to see a local family business mark its 100th year and to know that our bread - from the iconic Nutty Krust to our most recent creation, the Muffin Loaf - goes straight into the heart of family homes.

For me, feeling part of a family is one of the most valuable and precious experiences we can have.