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My Inspiration: David McCavery

Founder and managing director of SERIOUS Corporate and Brand Communications loves the challenge of getting growth-focused businesses to punch above their weight

As the man at the helm of leading boutique PR firm, SERIOUS, I draw my business inspiration from an obsession with growing my clients' reputations.

It's our mantra and has been since the agency was formed almost five years ago. Most of our clients are indigenous, growth-focused businesses who understand the link between profile and profit. Sometimes they're market leaders, but more often they are brand challengers who we've got to help punch above their weight in marketing and PR terms. That's a challenge we love.

For us growing our client reputations within their chosen target markets and geographies means a whole lot more than simply generating publicity.

It's about pooling all our resources, contacts and experience to deliver tangible financial benefits from their investment in us.

For us the evidence of our success in this regard is the number of referrals we get and the quality of client testimonials that can be seen on our website (

As a small, boutique-style agency to operate successfully within a fiercely competitive industry requires us have to a reputation of our own for delivering good advice, sound strategy, clever tactics and superlative client service.

Over the past four plus years more than 80% of our fee turnover has come from referral business.

We're so proud to work with all our clients and thrilled when they feel able to recommend us.

I've been in the PR business since 1990 — with the exception of a six-year sabbatical — and I've had the privilege of working with a host of inspirational people, both as colleagues and clients.

It's been my policy since my first day as a trainee journalist in 1982 never to assume that the big global business gurus should be the sole source of professional inspiration for me.

I've drawn it from the most unlikely individuals over the years, from members of a community group in the inner city to my line manager when I moved from journalism into my first PR job.

For me it often comes from the most unexpected places. All you need is an open mind and a smattering of humility.

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