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My inspiration: Hannah McKee

As senior account manager with a marketing, social media and PR agency, Hannah's biggest inspiration has been her father's entrepreneurial influence and hunger for learning.

In my role as a senior account manager at Think Eighty 20, a Belfast-based Marketing, Social Media and PR agency, I have found my greatest assets are hard work, ability to plan and a determination to ensure our customers receive the best possible return on their investment from their marketing.

My biggest inspiration has to come from my father.

He set up his own business in his early 20s and though hard work, strength of character and a hunger for learning he made the business the success it is today.

These are the most valuable lessons I have learnt and carried with me not only throughout my school and university days but also into my career.

It probably explains why I am constantly signing up to night classes and courses!

Being a Senior Account Manager with a busy Marketing and PR Agency like Think Eighty 20 has given me a great deal of versatility in my career, something that in itself inspires me to keep wanting to learn more every day, grow as a person, develop my skills and continue to love my job.

No one day is ever the same; I could be writing a press release for a client, organising an event or managing social media accounts and updating websites. We have even removed the wheels of a jeep for a photo shoot.

Whilst working at Think Eighty 20 I have really noticed a change in the Marketing and PR industry and how fast it is evolving.

In recent months Digital Marketing has really come to the fore and many businesses are now realising its value and integrating it into their traditional marketing plans.

As Digital Marketing continues to develop so does the responsibility of marketing companies to stay ahead and keep on top of emerging technologies and also new trends coming onto the market place.

There has also been a real shift in how businesses are now approaching their marketing and PR costs.

Now, more so than ever given the harsh economic climate, businesses need to justify their marketing spend and the focus is now on quantifying and measuring the return on investment.

Being held accountable for delivering tangible, measurable results and a real return on a client's investment is certainly a way to keep us motivated and driven.

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