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My Inspiration: Jennifer Quinn

Jennifer Quinn, clinical sales representative for PharMed, says she enjoys meeting and developing friendships with customers on her work trips across Northern Ireland

In my opinion we get out of life what we put into the relationships we have.

I'm lucky to have a lot of fantastic people in my life who inspire me and equally to have found a career that allows me to connect with talented, interesting people every day.

Good relationships are of course fundamental to a career in sales and I've learned that not only are they the bedrock of success, but can also be genuinely very enriching. I used to own a post office in Dublin. It was hard work but after a while I found that my regular customers became friends as we shared a little bit of life together. Those personal connections were very special to me and were no doubt directly linked to the success of the business (it was the second busiest post office in Ireland for a time).

Similarly, now working for PharMed I get to meet and develop relationships with some fascinating people.

Currently I'm bringing the USA's NeoStrata skincare range into the market so I'm visiting pharmacists and consultants across Northern Ireland every day.

That interaction with individuals, getting to know them, their business and a little about their life, is the most motivating part of my job.

It's also valuable if you feel inspired by the product itself - for example the NeoStrata range can be used by people with serious skin conditions and I've seen the positive impact using it has had on their everyday life.

Working in sales is, of course, often challenging and maintaining a good work/life balance is essential.

I became a mother 17 months ago and, every day since, I have drawn inspiration from my daughter.

As I'm sure any mother would say, watching a young child develop into their own person and interacting with people in such an unassuming, open way is really something to behold.

It is nigh on impossible to stay in bad form for long when you have a small child - they have the ability to amuse and amaze you, pick you up and spur you on. I think they inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

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