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My Inspiration: Jodie Byrne, founder and creative director of

Ever since I was little, I've wanted to start a business. It wouldn't have mattered what field I went into, a business was always going to be involved somewhere.

This may sound silly, but I remember a particular movie - I wish I could remember the name. It was about a young man living in Manhattan, who had little education and no money. He took the only job he could get, working as a mail boy for a huge corporate company. By the end of the movie, he made partner, with his own office on the top floor, overlooking the city.

Closer to home, I've had the pleasure of seeing a similar story unfold, with my own father as the starring role. He started work as a bin man back in the 1980s. However, he saw an opportunity and soon began running his own waste disposal business from the back of the house. Twenty years later, after having set up the first materials recycling facility in Northern Ireland, he sold his business and moved on to the next venture.

Passion made it look easy. I suppose he was my inspiration and growing up in that kind of environment made me want to go into business too.

I find the idea of building something from the ground up really appealing and the possibility that you can create jobs along the way is amazing.