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My Inspiration: Rosamond Bennett

She recently set up her own marketing and communications consultancy after leaving Northern Bank where she had been head of communications for six years

My mother died six months ago and she was a real inspiration to me.

She was a very strong person with a deep faith and she always saw the positive in any situation.

A few weeks before she died we were chatting and she said ‘sometimes you do things in life which you regret. It's hard but you learn from it. It's harder still when you regret things you didn't do'.

That stuck with me, so when circumstances changed in the bank, I decided this was a good opportunity to try a new challenge.

I have over 20 years' experience in marketing and communications and over half that time has been spent in senior management roles.

I know the commercial value that a good communications strategy can bring to an organisation, regardless of its size or sector.

There is more to communications than just putting an ad out or writing a press release.

It's about differentiating your brand, telling your story, attracting business, keeping your customers satisfied and your employees engaged.

This is a very difficult economic climate and many companies are rethinking their strategic direction.

Communications is vital in implementing any strategic change programme — both internally and externally.

Look at how communications is helping to change the image of Northern Ireland.

Although this is a challenging environment I am still inspired by the possibilities of what we can achieve here. Already our brand identity is no longer predominantly defined by the Troubles.

We have more to offer than ever before. We are a vibrant home for the arts, think of The Lyric, The Mac and our recent Oscar winner The Shore.

We are promoting ourselves as a tourist destination — the home of City of Culture in 2013, the home of golfing legends and a venue for international events.

We are also building the foundations for NI as a knowledge economy and encouraging more companies to export.

We have an exciting future ahead of us here.

As the posters say 2012 is our time and our place. I'm inspired to make it my time and my place.

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