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My Inspiration: Sean Canning


Sean Canning is the UK & Ireland Head of Firstsource Solutions

Sean Canning is the UK & Ireland Head of Firstsource Solutions

Sean Canning is the UK & Ireland Head of Firstsource Solutions

The head of UK and Ireland Firstsource Solutions says his passion for customer service is what inspires his business

At Firstsource Solutions we work with a number of UK & Ireland clients who require front line staff to provide world class customer service as well as simplify their processes and reducing their operating costs.

Today Firstsource employs more than 2500 people across the UK & Ireland. With more than 2,000 staff in Northern Ireland we are one of the region’s largest private employers.

Great customer service inspires me in my everyday work and personal life.

Due to travel commitments I don’t get to spend nearly enough time in our centres listening to calls but I regularly listen to call recordings when I am travelling to get a sense of the customer experience that we deliver on behalf of our clients.

Recently I listened to a call that one of our employees, Alison, took from a customer of a leading UK mobile brand.

The customer was incredibly difficult due to a previous bad experience with the brand, and despite Alison’s initial apology the customer continued to be rude and difficult.

I was amazed by Alison’s calm approach and her professionalism, she allowed the customer to vent their anger and then turned the situation around by fixing the problem and offering to deal directly with the customer should any further issues arise.

In the space of 10 minutes Alison had turned the customer from a detractor to a real promoter of the brand. This to me epitomises the power of great customer service.

I believe this ethos is indicative of Firstsource in general as we are a people company and absolutely believe in using training and development to empower our employees to deliver great customer service.

We continually monitor this through external customer satisfaction surveys and we consistently achieve best in class customer satisfaction ratings.

Our clients acknowledge this and we regularly receive recognition from our clients based on our customer satisfaction ratings.

I am very proud of my team when we achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings than our client’s in-house teams.

We have won various industry awards over the last few years —for the work that we do for our clients, principally from the National Outsourcing Association.

This year we are nominated for four NOA awards and also three Call Centre Association Awards. Last year our training team achieved a National Training Award.

My advice for someone seeking inspiration in business would be to look around you, find the good people in your business who genuinely care about your business and seek inspiration from them.

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