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My Inspiration: Shauna McCarney

The founder of organic baby food company, Heavenly Tasty Organics, gets her inspiration from other mothers and is always on the look out for new ways to improve business

Shauna McCarney is the owner/founder of new Cookstown-based frozen organic baby food company, Heavenly Tasty Organics, which has just celebrated its first major order with Musgrave Retail Partners NI to supply the 39 SuperValu stores in Northern Ireland.

Obsessed with pure organic products and seeing a gap in the organic baby food market, she founded the company in order to provide parents with a convenient offer - fresh frozen, organic fruit and vegetable purees for use when weaning babies from four months onto solid foods.

"Lizzie Vann, the creator of the Organix baby food brand was a real trailblazer when she launched her baby food range almost 10 years ago and has proven that, with determination and belief in yourself and your product, you can be a success. Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne from Dragon's Den are a great inspiration for start up companies like mine, and I admit a desire to climb those famous stairs one day to pitch my business to them and hear their candid, no-nonsense but expert views.

"From a personal point of view my family has inspired me. I wouldn't have founded my company without inspiration from my two children, who spur me on, on a daily basis.

"The idea for Heavenly Tasty Organics came soon after I started weaning my son almost six years ago.

"Like all new mums, I wanted to provide the best for my baby, so I made all my own organic baby food from scratch.

"When my daughter came along, there was just no time. All I needed was a little convenience, without the guilt.

"When I found out that my two children also have multiple food allergies, ranging from severe nut and egg allergies, to dairy intolerance, this spurred me on even more to go ahead and launch Heavenly Tasty Organics to give busy parents a hassle-free option with no guilt.

"My father has been a huge inspiration.

"Watching him build a very successful engineering business from nothing has always instilled the desire in me to have my own business one day. Mums in general inspire me. From all walks of life.

"Married mums, single mums, mums of only children, mums of six children.

"We have that common ground and we all know how tough a job it is from day one.

"I get great motivation from companies, especially start-ups like mine, which challenge the normal way of doing things. I never stop thinking of improvements and innovation.

"I have a vision for my business and at the moment it's all going pretty much to plan.

"But inspiration will continue to come my way to help lead me to greater things."

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