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My Insporation: Cian Landers

General Manager, Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast

My inspiration came from my mother and she was fundamental in shaping my work ethic.

Throughout her life she worked hard managing her business and rearing a family. There was no hiding place in our home from hard work and we all had a responsibility to make a contribution.

This same work ethic has been carried into my professional life. I began my career in the kitchen working as a trainee chef and not too much time went by before I found myself working as a commis chef at the Park Hotel Kenmare, Co Kerry. During my time there I was inspired by the success of the hotel and how the hotel proprietor and General Manager, Mr Francis Brennan, managed and motivated his team to deliver exemplary customer service.

The law of attraction drew me from the kitchen to hotel management. I love the public spaces in hotels, from the intimate cocktail bars, to the busy restaurants to what is invariably the grandiose of hotel lobbies. They are the stages on which we must perform as a team on a daily basis.

Being a people business I love the cut and thrust of working alongside a great team, all aiming to please and make our hotel special and recognised for its personal and friendly service. Sharing success on a daily basis is what helps motivate and build confidence among the team and helps us deal with the day-to-day challenges that arise.

I've worked in a variety of hotels over the years but the one hotel that stands out for me is the Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast and I'm proud to serve as its General Manager. It offers a special sanctuary of luxury, peace and tranquillity within the hustle and bustle of Belfast city centre. We have had a truly successful 2012, and I am looking forward to further developing the hotel alongside a team of amazing people.