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Nearly nine in 10 Ulster people give to charity

By Clare Weir

Northern Ireland contains some of the UK's most generous chartity donors, according to research by Investec Bank.

The value of people's givings to charities in 2011 here was £118.34 per person, compared to £186.15 per person for the UK as a whole.

In total, 84% of people in Northern Ireland donated money to charities, the second highest percentage of the regions and one percentage point behind London, which has a much larger population.

According to the survey, around 24% of people claim to have donated less to charities in 2011 than they did in 2010.

Only 11% claim to have donated more, with 53% estimating the size of their donations stayed the same

Overall, 6% of people who gave to charities in 2010 donated nothing in 2011 and a similar number of people reduced the amount they donated by between 51% and 99%.

Linda McBain of Investec warned that charities have to contend with the fact that many cash deposit accounts targeted at them pay poor returns.

"Given this, it is imperative that they make sure that their deposits work as hard as possible for them and that they are receiving a consistently competitive rate of return."