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New app helps trade firms reach customers

By Margaret Canning

A new app has been developed to make it easier for companies in the services sector to reach customers. Peter Layland and Richard Campbell have invested £200,000 in the development of Sortsy, and say they are providing employment to eight people.

They said the app gives companies of all sizes a platform to market their services to consumers.

They can receive bookings and fill appointments based on consumer demand.

Mr Layland, co-founder, Sortsy said: "The idea for Sortsy was born out of sheer frustration as I tried to find a qualified and trusted trades person in Northern Ireland. Working with Richard and the newly formed Sortsy team we have developed a product which will offer businesses the perfect online channel for promoting and growing their business."

Mr Campbell said the product had "infinite possibilities".

"From sole traders to multi-nationals, from plumbers to hairdressers and dentists, once started Sortsy can be expanded and assist virtually any type of business."

The pair launched Sortsy in Northern Ireland this month, registering it with over 400 trade professionals.

A spokeswoman said the app would add continue to add new industry sectors and business services to the platform.

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