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New Belfast Solo tapas bar aiming for business community

By Staff Reporter

A Belfast restaurant is being transformed into the city's latest tapas bar, thanks to a £250,000 investment. The former Maze restaurant in Wellington Place will now become Solo Kitchen and Bar.

The spot - which was also formerly The Wimpy and Carlton Bar - will see a team of 20 staff serving up a mixture of European and Asian cuisine in a revamped dining area seating 120 people.

And it's also set to cater for more casual dining, with 40 seats around its new tapas bar.

Owner Michael Karan - who also owns Italian restaurant Ambrosia on the Ormeau Road - is hoping Solo appeals to the business community.

"Research has shown that people choose where they eat depending on how convenient it is to get to," he said.

"Our position makes us uniquely attractive for our city centre customer base. We have a small but very highly experienced team and we believe the time is right to offer Belfast something different.

"Our client research shows clearly that the Belfast palate has changed significantly and is much more international nowadays.

"Our tapas offering can be enjoyed as part of an overall dining experience or as a stand-alone treat," Michael added.

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