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New degree module to help tackle economic crime

The University of Ulster's Business School and advisory firm PwC are to introduce a new module in forensic accounting.

The course will give students a deep grounding in commercial disputes, fraud and economic crime risks, governance and business ethics.

"Recent surveys suggest that while economic growth is lacklustre, economic crime is alive and well," Dr Gillian Armstrong, head of the Business School's Accounting Department said.

"This initiative sees the involvement of PwC's forensic services team in providing practical experience into this emerging area of accounting practice."

Ian McConnell, forensic services partner with PwC in Belfast, said: "The popularity of the new module and the demand for specialist forensic accounting skills reflects increased levels of economic crime, increased regulation and the growing importance of good governance and ethics across the economic and business environment," he said.

The 12-week course is currently available to students studying accounting and accounting and law degrees at the university.