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New employees to cash in on expansion of digital piggy bank


In recent years charges such as usage fees have been introduced

In recent years charges such as usage fees have been introduced

In recent years charges such as usage fees have been introduced

A Northern Ireland start-up which has devised a digital piggy bank for saving real money is expanding.

PiggyPot is creating four new full-time positions, ranging from iOS and back-end developers to designers.

The company is also moving to a new office in Belfast city centre.

Perks of the new jobs will include ownership stakes in the company.

PiggyPot, which was established in 2013, aims to make it easier and more rewarding to set aside funds for the future by allowing customers to quickly set up and contribute into an online saving pot, initially via the PiggyPot iPhone app.

Founder Gavin Shields, who is from Co Down, said: "It's human nature to set aside something for the future.

"Saving up for the things we want, rather than using a credit card or taking out a loan, helps us avoid getting into debt and possible financial trouble.

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"With PiggyPot, we are creating a whole new way of saving by building an innovative technology-based solution with the goal of making people's lives easier.

"It is also completely free to use.

"We're excited to be growing the team off the back of our early customer trials.

"I'm also personally excited to be growing a business in Belfast, with its large and growing tech scene."

Mr Shields is a technology entrepreneur and investor, who also started up tech company Turbulenz.

Turbulenz, which was set up to monetise online gaming, has raised over $5m and employs 25 people in London, Japan and the US.

But Mr Shields stepped down as chief operating officer of Turbulenz in 2013, saying he had achieved what he set out to do when he co-founded the company in 2009.

He was also an investor at $15bn venture capital firm Summit Partners.

Mr Shields is a former pupil of Banbridge Academy and went on to study at the University of Edinburgh.

The first company he established was Night Soc, which he set up in 2000.