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New guide to tourist rights is published

By Anne Madden

The Consumer Council has published new information for travellers, after research showed 70% of passengers don't know their rights when it comes to cancellations and delays.

The Protect Your Holiday Factsheet has been compiled just weeks after the Consumer Council published a Plane Facts document.

Both consumer guides come in the wake of flights chaos for travellers following the volcanic ash disruption and volatile financial climate, which has led to a number of company collapses.

While much of European airspace was affected by ash from the Icelandic volcano in the spring, UK airlines bore the brunt of the continual eruptions. The airline chaos was estimated to have cost the Northern Ireland economy as much as £1.5m per day.

And the recession is also taking its toll on holiday companies. Just last week, tens of thousands of travellers, including many from Northern Ireland, found themselves stranded abroad, after Goldtrail - the Turkey and Greece holidays specialist - collapsed.

The Consumer Council's Andy McClenaghan said: "Unfortunately many travellers do not know what their rights or responsibilities are, and a lack of information on the ground can make matters even more stressful.

"To avoid missing your dream holiday, or losing the hard-earned cash saved to pay for it, the Consumer Council has produced a fact sheet with information on protecting your holiday."