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New hi-tech lifebuoy is put to test in harbour

By Business Reporter

Biometric technology company the Lava Group is testing a new lifebuoy monitoring system in Carrickfergus Harbour.

Lava Group's new product, named Sentry, monitors safety equipment remotely and can send an alert to staff if a lifebuoy is tampered with.

The solar-powered system took five years to develop and is patented in the UK, the company said.

Gareth Morrison, chief executive of the Lava Group, said: "This trial period is a significant step forward in bringing to market an important product in the development of safety monitoring solutions.

"Due to the vital function that lifebuoys perform it is paramount that they are present at all times.

"Over the coming weeks we will be assessing the benefits that this product can have for our customers in the public and private sectors. We are confident that it will help to reduce loss of life, but we will also be focusing on increasing efficiency via remote monitoring. As our system is solar-powered it is a sustainable option."

The Lava Group was formed in 2014 following a management buyout from Core (NI) Ltd. Sentry has been developed by a new company within the business, Lava Monitoring.

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