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New homes built in Northern Ireland up 17% on last year

By Vicky Shaw

There was a 17% increase in new homes built in Northern Ireland over 2014, according to an industry body.

The National House Building Council (NHBC), which released the figures, said detached homes are making a "comeback" UK-wide, with 38,113 new-build properties of this type registered with it in 2014, which is the highest number recorded for any year since 2004.

Northern Ireland, Yorkshire and the Humber, Wales, the West Midlands and the south east were all outpacing London in terms of the year-on-year percentage growth in the number of new builds being registered.

There were 2,474 new properties registered with the NHBC in Northern Ireland in 2014 - though the figures also include the Isle of Man.

Across all types of property, 145,174 new homes across the UK were registered with the NHBC last year, marking a 9% increase on 2013 and the highest annual total since 2007 as the economic recovery continues.

Wales recorded the strongest percentage jump, with registrations up by one third (33%) on 2013.

The NHBC said London saw "exceptional" growth in the number of new-builds being registered in 2013, and in 2014 growth in the capital was more in line with that seen in the UK generally.

NHBC chief executive Mike Quinton said: "It looks like the detached home is making a comeback. Following an oversupply of flats outside London over the last decade, the growth in detached homes is restoring balance to the country's housing stock."

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