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New maintenance vessel puts the wind into marine company’s sails

By Clare Weir

A marine maintenance company has invested in a new vessel allowing the firm to take on larger contract jobs and to appoint three new staff members.

Strangford Moorings has shelled out for a new Meercat multi-purpose vehicle.

It will help the business offer a more comprehensive at-sea maintenance and supply facility to other vessels, wind farms, buoys and navigational aids.

Strangford Moorings caters for around 300 moorings on the Lough and holds contracts with organisations including NI Water, Premier Transmissions and Scotia Gas.

The company, based at Sketrick Island, Killinchy is a father and son business operated by third and fourth generation sea-goers, Paul and Matt Dorman.

The company has developed over the last 16 years to become leaders in their field of operations, catering for the supply and maintenance of sea navigation aids and the supply and service of boat moorings.

Matt Dorman said that the firm will continue to provide existing services through private and commercial contracts, whilst actively tendering for new opportunities around Ireland and Scotland.

“This will include a growth in the business we do, but we will also service other ships that may be stationed at sea for periods of time and need materials, supplies and fuel brought to them and respectively their waste taken away,” he said.

“We have equipped ourselves with an onboard marine crane, tanks large enough to transport 40 tonnes of liquids and a large deck capable of transporting a 40-tonne load of materials or plant machinery. The boat can also divide in two, allowing us the added flexibility of catering for inland waterway work.”

The investment was supported by First Trust Bank.

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