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New production line unveiled at steel plant

Steel giant Tata has unveiled a new high-tech production line as part of a £20 million investment in one of its UK sites.

The robotic welding line in Wednesfield, West Midlands, trebles the plant's capacity to produce special sheets of steel for car door panels and other uses.

Tata said the line is the fastest, biggest and most efficient in the UK, capable of welding more than 1,000 car parts an hour, with steel being shipped to motor companies across the UK as well as new orders being won in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Bimlendra Jha, chief executive of Tata Steel's UK operations, said: "Our Wednesfield site is the largest steel distribution and processing facility in the country, and the only UK facility of its kind supplied by a domestic steel mill.

"This investment in the latest technology means we remain at the leading edge of automotive steel supply in the UK."