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Next stop London for WrightBus

London Mayor Boris Johnson ditched his famous bike this week to try out a prototype of a new London bus being built by Co Antrim firm Wrightbus.

He sampled a life-size mock-up of the new vehicle as Londoners got the first glimpse of how the bus will look when it hits the streets in 2012.

With the outside of the bus painted the famous red of London buses and the interior decor taking inspiration from the old Routemaster, the life-size, 3D translation brings the futuristic design to life and highlights its features including two staircases and windows following the smooth sweeping lines of the bus.

Mr Johnson called the new bus "delectable".

"This bus brings back a sense of nostalgia but conversely also demonstrates the quintessence of the latest technology and design," he said.

Mark Nodder, group managing director of Wright Group, said that the prototype was an exciting vision of what is to come.

"Finally seeing the design for this revolutionary new bus come to life is a real thrill for all of us," he said.

Owen Paterson, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, said Northern Ireland could be proud of the fact that London's new bus would be "collaboratively designed and built by one of our local, world-class companies".