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Nijobfinder launches CV matching service

In a move to improve their service and enhance the user experience www.nijobfinder.co.uk has launched CV Matching which offers both jobseekers and recruiters a highly accurate and time-saving way of finding the perfect match.

This new service is being fully integrated with Belfast Telegraph’s existing mutli platform recruitment platform and includes single-sign-on to www.nijobfinder.co.uk so registered users do not have to log on separately.

The CV matching service is unique and matches key structured data from the jobseeker’s CV with the key structured data in the job profile. It delivers accurate results quickly and does all the work for both parties with an email notifying the recruiter and the jobseeker of the match. The jobseeker’s identity and personal contact details are hidden until the jobseeker chooses to release them.

Colin Maxwell, Recruitment Manager for Belfast Telegraph, and who has overseen the project said: “We are keen to develop our multi-media offering for the recruitment market in Northern Ireland and see CV matching as a high value service to offer recruiters that will help them find the right candidates. At the same time it is a great, free service to jobseekers which saves them time and increases their opportunity to find right job”.

To register for CV Match click on http://cvmatch.nijobfinder.co.uk/

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