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Nipping out for a bite to eat goes digital

McDonald's new digital and screen-led approach to ordering takes a leaf out of Argos' book.

Customers walking into the newly revamped Bangor fast food restaurant, at Bloomfield Shopping Centre, are now greeted by three large touch screens, or kiosks.

The long, user-friendly screens allow all customers to choose their meal combination and pay, without even approaching the till.

The kiosks accept the usual card and contactless payment methods and, after the order is put through, it appears on an overhead monitor - showing the progress, and how long the customer will wait.

Judging by the busy Bangor store yesterday, it's proving a popular choice - particularly for younger visitors to the restaurant.

And to keep children, and adults, entertained, there are also smaller tablets throughout the restaurant.

McDonald's UK vice president and chief operating officer Richard Forte - who took a tour of the branch yesterday - said the new format was "resonating well".

"There has been tremendous interest," said franchisee Des Smyth, who owns the Bangor outlet and eight others.

Co Antrim firm Marcon is behind the fit-outs for all the newly refurbished McDonald's restaurants.

It's the first of several steps which McDonald's hopes to include at its 27 Northern Ireland outlets over the next three years, with customers soon able to order, and pay, using their mobile phones, with food then delivered directly to their table.

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