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'No closure' vow by bank queried by customers

Ulster Bank customers in Londonderry have questioned its vow not to close any of its 90 Northern Ireland branches.

Customers of the bank's Strand Road branch in Londonderry received letters saying their bank was closing.

An account holder said she had received a letter saying that Strand Road was closing on September 3 and her account moving to Culmore Road in the city.

A bank spokesman said a decision was announced in May to merge the two branches "in light of changing customer needs".

He said the branches were located less than a mile from each other, and that an ATM remained at Strand Road.

"We have invested heavily in our branch presence in the north west. Culmore Road, our 950 sqm branch. is one of the largest branches of any bank in Northern Ireland.

"Our Millennium Forum and Waterside branches and 13 other ATMs are within a three-mile radius of Strand Road.

"This change allows us to dedicate the most appropriate resources to the area.

"All Strand Road customers are aware of the change.

"They do not need to take any action as their account details and all other arrangements will stay the same."

A vow not to close any branches in Northern Ireland or any of its 146 in the Republic is part of a 'customer charter' unveiled yesterday by the bank.

As part of the charter, Ulster Bank has vowed to overhaul its customer services.

The decision follows extensive research carried out by Ulster Bank into attitudes of 3,000 of its customers north and south.