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No promises on Brexit cash, says Grayling

By Arj Singh and David Hughes

Pro-Brexit ministers cannot make promises about how any money saved from leaving the EU will be spent, a leading Leave campaigner has admitted.

Cabinet minister Chris Grayling said Boris Johnson and Michael Gove were merely setting out "options" available to the Government when they said energy bills could be slashed if the UK votes to leave the EU.

The Chancellor described as "fantasy economics" the claim that VAT could be scrapped from household energy bills, while the Remain camp claimed Vote Leave has made nearly £112bn of unfunded spending pledges.

But Mr Grayling dismissed Britain Stronger In Europe's figures as "a complete fallacy" and "absurd mathematics".

The Commons Leader also said Vote Leave had never claimed that all the money would be spent on the NHS.

"I think the message from Vote Leave - and bear in mind that we're not the Government, although I am a Government minister, I'm not standing here today on behalf of the Government - the key message has been about us taking back control of that money and spending it on our priorities," he said.

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